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vascular pressure     vascular congestion

If you have any questions or problems administering Equine Challenge™  or experience problems incorporating Equine Challenge™  into your horse's diet, please do not hesitate to contact us at             
kathy@equinechallengesupplements.com or call our office at (559) 905-7528.  
As with all supplements, you should always discuss any dietary modifications or concerns you may have about your horse's nutrition, with your Veterinarian. 

*From time to time our manufacture may change suppliers for one of the herbal ingredients of Equine Challenge Laminae 911 which may result in a change of color and/or smell.  Rest assured the effective formula you have come to know and trust has not changed.

                  Is your horse in need of Laminae 911?                                                                                         

                                                                                                                        *Horses in any and all stages of laminitis
                                                                                                                        *Horses in any and all stages of founder
                                                                                                                        *Supports blood flow to the hoof
                                                                                                                        *Horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot
                                                                                                                        *Horses that are generally tender footed
                                                                                                                        *Thin soled horses
                                                                                                                        *Weather mediated hoof tenderness    
                                                                                                                        *Intermittant hoof tenderness
                                                                                                                        *Helps build strong, healthy hooves                                                                  

Equine Challenge Laminae 911 Ingredients:

Boneset:  Anti-inflammatory, helps control aches & pains, anti-pyretic (anti-fever)

Boswellia:  Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects, traditionally Boswellia Gum was used for  treating  diabetes, skin 
                        and blood diseases, fever and cardio vascular disorders., inhibits prostaglandin synthesis

Butcher's Broom:  Supports & maintains blood flow to the lower extremities, fights edema, supports capillary integrity, anti-     
                        inflammatory , analgesic (pain relief), improves vascular circulation

Devils Claw:  Anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief), helps with joint pain and osteoarthritis

Garlic:  Anti-microbial support, anti-inflammatory , circulatory disorders and decreased platelet aggregation

Hawthorn:  Vasodialator, improved circulation, increased blood flow to local injury, supports laminitic and navicular horses
                         by promoting blood flow

Juniper Berry:  Diuretic, kidney and bladder cleanser, helps dissolve stones

Kelp:  Good source of micro nutrients

Oregon Grape:  Strong anti-microbial, strong anti-inflammatory, liver support

Quercitin:  Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties, may support vascular integrity with diabetes, anti

Slippery Elm:  Supports mucosal membranes of gut, helps with ulcers and abscesses

Stevia:  Helps to balance sugar/glucose levels, vaso-dialator, anti-microbial and may lower blood pressure

Uva Ursi:  Support of kidney and bladder function, diuretic, known anti-oxidant, positive effect in reducing acid build up in      

White Willow Bark:  Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-pyretic (fever), anti-septic, immune boosting

Yucca:  Anti-infammatory, gastro intestinal support, immune boosting response to strengthen gastro intestinal flora,
                stimulates friendly bacteria through increased toxic elimination
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Butchers Broom
Jumniper Berry
Oregon Grape
Equine Challenge™ Laminae 911 herbal support helps build strong, healthy laminae. Equine Challenge™ Laminae 911 is formulated to help compromised hoof tissue to heal more quickly.  It is not just the hoof but the many other systems which support the hooves such as the immune system, the circulatory system, the gastro-intestinal system and organ support such as the kidney, bladder and liver. While providing both anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic (fever) and analgesic relief in a more natural way, without the negative aspects of  NSAIDs and Bute use.

Immune system support via Oregon Grape, Garlic, Quercitin and Stevia.  Vascular or circulatory integrity support and vaso-dilation via  Butcher’s Broom, Hawthorn, Garlic, Boswellia, Quercitin and Stevia.  Gastro-intestinal support via Devil’s Claw, Yucca and Slippery Elm.  Kidney and Bladder diuretic support via Juniper Berry and Uva Ursi (Bear Berry).  Liver support via Oregon Grape.  Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Pyretic (fever) and Analgesic support via White Willow Bark, Devil’s Claw, Oregon Grape, Garlic, Boswellia, Quercitin and Boneset.

The thriving horse depends on all the body systems to work together at the same time to maximize the healing support which is required.  If one system is overwhelmed by another, it is more difficult for the entire horse to establish functional healing repair. 

Once again, synergy is required for the horse to functionally recover with a minimal amount of suffering.  Equine Challenge™ Laminae 911 helps support hoof recovery be it laminitis, founder, transitioning from shoes, hoof tenderness, weather mediated hoof pain, EMS or any thing which will challenge the hoof integrity.  more product info
The best way to recover from hoof pathology is to grow out of it as quickly as possible!  For horses struggling metabolically to produce high quality strong and durable hooves, we encourage you to consider Equine Challenge Hoof Propel.  
Equine Challenge Laminae 911 Testimonials

Dear Mackie and Kathy:

I wish I had a before and after picture of my horse, but actually the difference in not so much in his appearance (except his head sagged and he didn’t move at all) but in the way he, feels, acts and is now appearing balanced and happy.

Mercury, my 19 year old bay Connemara-Thoroughbred gelding, suffered greatly after his 31 year old Golden Palamino sweetheart, Patty, passed on December 15, 2008. He went downhill pretty quickly, and by mid-January, he was in full-blown depression, Insulin Resistant, and laminitic. He was completely disinterested in his Welch Mountain Pony friend and was thin instead of over-weight. A complicated situation, to say the least. The usual blood tests and x-rays were run confirming the above diagnosis. 

Luckily, after many phone calls to friends, I was directed to Equine Challenge as several of the horses from Mercury’s old dressage barn had also suffered from some sort of I.R./Cushings type of symptoms and they had completely converted to Equine Challenge with great results after trying many of the usual tactics (beet pulp, rice bran, etc.--which Mercury had been on also). 

I contacted Mackie right away and was taken in with great interest as if my horse was his. I sent him pictures of Mercury’s feet, he worked with my farrier and me to move quickly and efficiently on my horse’s behalf. It worked. With a full conversion to the Equine Challenge I.R. recommended diet of EC Flax, Probiotics, and Vitamin/Mineral Grass formula, plus hay and white salt; more frequent hoof trims; lots of TLC; my horse is back to his old self. It blew away the vet when she saw him looking so well so quickly. In fact, since using the total supplements including Equine Challenge Laminae 911, he is better than his old self. He’s more responsive, supple, and available for closer interaction with me or my daughter because he is just plain feeling better these days. 

Enter Laminae 911:
With the introduction of Equine Challenge Laminae 911, I can now say that Mercury is completely asymptomatic; no laminitis symptoms at all. We are riding and playing with NO down days. I did decide with the onset of the lower winter temperatures and considering his age, to also put him on a low dose of Equine Challenge Joint. The total picture is of a healthy, sound horse.

To see my 19-year-old Mercury run and play vigorously for 10+ minutes straight with his 7-year-old pony friend on a steep terraced hill with no hitches in his giddyup during, after or the next day, makes my heart leap with joy! 

Additional benefits:
In our household, we love probiotics. I even make my own using a culture and young coconut milk on occasion. However, our other animals, including the dog, cat, chickens and alpacas, are eating Equine Challenge Probiotics every day now. The EC Flax is also great fiber for all. The huge benefits rest in happier stomach flora (happier stomach and GI tracks make for overall happier beings), lower vet or medical needs, lower parasites, longevity and beautiful coats (fur, hair, fiber (alpacas), feathers, etc.).  

Thank you, Equine Challenge! 
Thank you Mackie and Kathy!

P. Guettler
Damascus, Oregon 


Two months ago I started our gelding on Equine Challenge Laminae 911. Sometime in his life it appears he had laminitis. We have been barefoot trimming for 9 mos and were unable to get him out of the boots even for short periods of time due to soreness.  And for the past  4-6 mos.he had been lame for one reason or another. I started him on the Equine Challenge Laminae 911 and in 2 weeks saw a tremendous difference. He is no longer lame and is not near as tender without the boots. I have renewed hope that we may get him through this to become a usable horse again. Just thought I'd give you some good news!

Carey Evans
Lewiston, ID
Safe Alternative to Bute

Equine Challenge  Laminae 911 will have a systemic affect on the entire horse even though it was designed for  hoof pain.  Therefore, Laminae 911 will be a more natural pain reliever option than the use of Bute.
It is a well known unintended consequence, Bute causes gut stress.  Having a more natural option which does not have the negative side effects of Bute is a good thing.  
Consider Equine Challenge Laminae 911 as a safer way to provide pain relief for your horses.
**THE SECRET IS OUT!  We are now offering  our
    customers the "Bottomless Bucket" option which
    takes the hassle out of remembering to order
    product before your current supply runs out. 
    If you would like us to automatically ship product to your
    doorstep all you need to do is fill out the information on the
    Bottomless Bucket page and we will handle the rest.      

                        BOTOMLESS BUCKET                         

Equine Challenge™  Laminae 911 Laminitis/Founder Protocol:

Equine Challenge Vitamins & Minerals Grass Formula (Grass hay should be fed to laminitic/founder horses)
Equine Challenge Probiotics PLUS - To foster a thriving gut and boost immune response
Equine Challenge Laminae 911 - To help support hoof recovery by pain relief, anti pyretic, capillary
                                                                       integrity support, enhance toxic waste removal, anti-inflammatory, liver,
                                                                       kidney, bladder support, and more......
Frequent Proper Barefoot Trims 
Daily Movement      
Equine Challenge™  Laminae 911 Feeding Instructions:

Feed one scoop (approximately 1 tablespoon) daily.  
(Herbs many times are an unfamiliar smell to horses.  If your horse is "finicky" introduce slowly in small amounts and work up to 1 scoop daily.  Inititally if needed add a little apple sauce or juice to the mix when feeding herbs).

Contents:  Approximately 60 scoops

**Caution:  Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. 
  **As Seen ON