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Equine Challenge™  Vitamins & Minerals Grass utilizes a food-grade enzyme active milled flaxseed as a base that is over 99% pure. 50% of Equine Challenge™ Grass is comprised of food- grade milled flaxseed. The Flaxseed utilized in Equine Challenge™ is both unique and nutritive 60% of the oil present being the highly desirable Omega 3 fatty acids. Equine Challenge™ Grass delivers omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals & probiotics that are readily absorbed in your horse's digestive system.  This is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement which contains 7 strains of viable Bacillus and Lactobacillus bacteria making an effective pro-biotic that can be easily be incorporated into your supplementation program. The microbial sources are guaranteed to provide bacteria that are both viable and effective in promoting intestinal well being.  One of our seven microbes, Lactobacillus Plantarum will synthesize Lysine in the gut of the horse.  Biotin, minerals and amino acids build strong healthy hoof horn and beautiful coat condition.     

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When choosing between the alfalfa and the grass formulas, if your horse is being fed 8 lbs. of alfalfa or more per day, you want to order the Equine Challenge™  Vitamins & Minerals for alfalfa fed horses.  Horses fed less than 8 lbs. of alfalfa per day will need Equine Challenge™  Vitamins & Minerals for grass/oat hay fed horses. If you feed a hay mix, If the mix is more than 50% alfalfa, feed Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals for alfalfa fed horses.  If the hay mix is more than 50% grass, feed Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals for grass fed horses.

The recommended dosage of Equine Challenge™  is  2 - 4 oz. daily depending upon the activity 
level of your horse.  For non- performance horses,  we recommend 2 oz. per day.  For
performance horses, horses in training, or pregnant and lactating mares,  we recommend 4 oz.
per  day.  For horses previously not on any supplement regimen, we recommend an  initial dose 
of 4 oz. daily for 3 to 4 weeks, adjusting  dosage thereafter in accordance with your horse's activity
per standard dosage recommendations.

When feeding Equine Challenge™ , feed no more than 2 oz. at any one feeding with a maximum
dosage of 4 oz per day.  We recommend splitting Equine Challenge™  doses into a.m. and p.m. 
feeding times. 

If your horse is taking 4 oz. of Equine Challenge™  per day, in order to ensure stable blood levels,
it is recommended you feed 2 oz. in the a.m. and 2 oz. in the p.m. 

Most horses will readily accept Equine Challenge™  added to their diet, however in some cases, it may take a few days before your horse will eat Equine Challenge™ .  Equine Challenge™  has been synergistically formulated to work together for the maximum benefit of your horse.  When starting Equine Challenge™ it is recommended you stop all other forms of vitamin and mineral supplementation, in order to avoid interfering with the synergistic balance of Equine Challenge™ .

Storage: Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly sealed.  
Equine Challenge™ Vitamins & Minerals GRASS "Mind, Body & Sole Support" is a daily vitamin/mineral supplement formulated for horses on grass and oat diets.  2 - 4 oz. daily (depending on age and work load) will balance the calcium phosphorus levels while providing essential vitamins and trace minerals.  To provide a thriving digestive system Equine Challenge Grass provides a 7 strain viable probiotic package, the same probiotic packaged offered in Equine Challenge Probiotic and Equine Challenge Probiotic Blast.
Made fresh daily, no fillers added. 
Product Information
"I have been a very satisfied Equine Challenge customer for years. So much that most of my client's and training horses are on it as well.  This is a picture of my Belgian Warmblood, Nextravagant, at his 2 year old Keuring. he grew up from conception on Equine Challenge. 

Thank you for providing such an outstanding product!"

Rebekah, WA
What To Expect:    Many horse owners report a shiny, healthy coat in their horse after just a few weeks of starting on Equine Challenge Vitamins & Minerals. Healthy hoof growth as well as mane and tail growth is also very common. You may notice a positive change in your horse’s disposition as they become metabolically balanced. All horses respond differently depending on their metabolic needs so you will see some show improvement quickly while others show a more gradual change over time.