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At Equine Challenge™ we believe forage specificity is
paramount before horses get sick, not after!  Sadly, more
times than not we consider diet specificity when our horses 
become sick and we want them to recover functionally and 
Equine Challenge™  is pro-active nutrition which provides the
basic building blocks for day to day life and allows the
flexibility to meet the nutritional needs of horses, regardless
of how little or how much is physically demanded.   
Not only are our ingredients synergistically proportioned
in the bag, they are synergistically balanced to compliment
whatever forage you feed your horse, be it alfalfa, grass or
oat hay.  
Equine Challenge™  is a milled food grade Flaxseed based forage
specific, highly bio-available daily vitamin, mineral trace element
and digestive probiotic supplement. 
During milling we use a high speed micronizing technique which slices the flaxseed instead of crushing, avoiding rupturing the fat cells at a lower temperature.   This yields a very stable product that has a shelf life of 6 months or more with reasonable storage.  


High palatability
High Bioavailability (Chelated)
Easy to administer
Food grade Flax rich in Omega 3's
7 Strain viable Probiotic package
ZinPro Amino Acid Complexes
No byproduct fillers
No Added Iron
Guaranteed freshness
Easy to use, easy to open bags, pails and drums
Equine Challenge Supplement™ products made to work synergistically together
Products developed along with a manufacturer with 30 years Nutritional experience & history
Shipping always included in pricing anywhere in the U.S.

Equine Challenge Supplements™ contain no byproducts or fillers such as Distiller's Dried Grain solutes, ground alfalfa, wheat millrun, wheat middlings, soymeal, beet pulp, rice bran, soybean or oat hulls. Equine Challenge Supplement™ products contain no corn, no wheat, no alfalfa, no soy beans, no molasses, no soy oil, no mineral oil, no vegetable oil and no corn oil. The oil in Equine Challenge Supplements™ is the oil naturally found in Flaxseed, primarily Omega 3's and Omega 6's.
Equine Challenge Supplements™ are synergistically proportioned to provide the nutritional building blocks and maintain the metabolic balance of your horse, regardless of whether you feed alfalfa, grass or oat hay.   

Thank you for choosing Equine Challenge Supplements!

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